The Versatile Blogger Award Tag

I was recently nominated by the lovely Rebecca, at 'Within The Passion' (read her post here), to take part in this really interesting looking blog post tag.  Her idea was to mention 7 facts about yourself, and then nominate 10 other, somewhat smaller bloggers to do the same - to pass the blog post around.  I think it's a great idea, not just for the nosy parkers among us, so we can snoop a little bit on each other, but also just so that bloggers and people in this internet community can get to know each other better, to see a bit more of the real person behind the blog.  I also like the idea that these are 7 little things, that we wouldn't normally share about ourselves, as it makes it more personal, and I do love to read blog posts with a bit of personality! 

So, here are my 7 facts about myself, that you might not know.
  1. I am utterly and completely addicted to coffee.
  2. I am a worrier.  I worry about EVERYTHING, and when there is nothing to worry
    about, I will FIND something.
  3. I am in love.
  4. I find being a grown-up really, really hard.
  5. I still think Harry Potter is GREAT.
  6. I will always take sparkling water over still.
  7. I love really, really, REALLY spicy food.
That was a lot more difficult than I thought! I have to say, I thought narrowing it down to just 7 facts would be difficult, but I was stuck at number 6 for a long time.  But I am so looking forward to reading what other bloggers choose to say about themselves!

And now for the 10 bloggers that I nominate to complete this tag.  I have picked 10 bloggers quite randomly - these are mostly blogs that I think are great and that I really like to read, and would be really interested to know more about.

  1. Lauren from This Stuff Is Golden
  2. Emily from Love Emily
  3. Ktkinnes from Life With Ktkinnes
  4. Lydia from Mademoiselle Women
  5. Emma from Emma's Joys
  6. Tajaljeh from Life As Tajaljeh
  7. Daena from Daenabe
  8. Lois from Life As Lois
  9. Arora from Arora Appleby
  10. Jo from Flourish & Blotting

I don't think that any of these bloggers has already completed the tag, so I hope that you all enjoy doing it and passing it on!  

Here are the rules of the tag.

Rules for nominees:

-Thank the person that nominated you (that's me!)
-Share the award on your blog
-Share your seven facts
-Choose 10 new nominees with less than 1000 followers
-Notify them via social media

That's it, happy blogging!